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At Cane Agency, we offer you the opportunity to take your business to the next level with our Premium Subscriptions.
Our subscription plans allow you to access a variety of design, web development, copywriting, content creation,and more services in a flexible and convenient manner

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Copywriting, Graphic Design, SEO Blog Writing and Video Editing services!»

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Make an Impact with Persuasive Words!

Our Copywriter subscription provides you with captivating and persuasive content to connect with your audience. 
Our experts will adapt the tone and style of the content according to your needs and target audience, ensuring a personalized approach
Whether you choose 7 days or 1 month, the jobs will be unlimited and delivered within a maximum period of 12 hours.



50% off $198



50% off $736

SEO Blog Writing

Dominate the Rankings with Optimized Content!

Our SEO Blog Writing subscription improves your visibility online. Choose between 7 days or 1 month and you will receive optimized
content in the corresponding time intervals. An SEO blog will be written every day of each subscription



50% off $360



50% off $1398

Graphic Design

Visualize Your Success with Impressive Designs!

Our Graphic Design subscription transforms your ideas into eye-catching designs. With options of 7 days or 1 month,
we guarantee unlimited designs with quality deliveries in terms of less than 48 hours, depending on the complexity
of the project. Each job will have a delivery time of no more than 48 hours.



50% off $698



50% off $1918

Video Editing

We create and edit content that Impacts Screens!

Give life to your recordings with our unlimited Video Editing service! Our team of experts will transform your shots into captivating and visually striking narratives. From professional editing to visual effects and immersive music, we’ll take your videos to the next level.
Each editing job will have a delivery time between 24 and 48 hours.



50% off $798



50% off $2718 

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